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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  September 2, 2023 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> mclemore girl. will: stick with you all season long. >> go, dogs, baby. love you guys. thank y'all for having me. ♪ i got my game on, yeah ♪ >> this is the worst thing to hit here since the storm of the century. >> where do you start, what do you do or is it rebuildable? >> the fact that we're still here, i mean, we're fortunate. neil: grateful to be alive, that is the feeling for so many in florida now facing extensive cleanup after hurricane idalia. all this as president joe biden gets ready to leave for florida this hour to see the damage for himself. but apparently he won't be seeing florida republican governor ron desantis. the governor's office saying he has no plans to meet with the president. we don't know exactly what's
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going on here, but we'll see. right now we're seeing millions of holiday travelers desperate to get out this weekend no matter the price. wallets are taking a big hit as americans hit the road, the skies and stores. welcome, everybody. glad to have you, happy weekend. i'm neil cavuto. obviously, we're all over the fallout of this presidential visit to florida, the ramifications of that storm. we've got fox team coverage with lucas tomlinson following developments at the white house where the president will soon be departing, max gorden in cedar key, florida, where emergency workers are still digging out. let's start with lucas. >> reporter: hey, neil. what's going on here is hurricane and disaster politics, as you mentioned. president biden and the first lady expected to leave the white house in the next hour to go to live oak, florida, located halfway between tallahassee and jacksonville. and as you mentioned, he will not be meeting governor desantis. here's a statement the from a spokesman from governor desantis explaining why not. quote: we don't is have any plans for the governor to meet
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with theth president tomorrow -- e -- today, of course -- so soon after impact the security preparations alone that would go into setting up such a meeting would shut down ongoing recovery efforts. of course, this is not what we heard yesterday from president biden when he spoke about the jobs and then he was asked a shouted question if he would be meeting the governor. here it is. >> reporter: do you have plans to meet with governor desantis tomorrow? >> yes. >> reporter: and here's the white house statement: their visit to florida, the president and first lady, has been planned in close coordination with fema as well as state and local leaders to insure there's no impact on response operations. now, earlier this week the president was asked if politics would get in the way of this hurricane. >> believe it or not, i know this sounds strange especially the how the nature of politics today. but, you know, i was down there with the last major storm. i spent a lot of time with him walking from village, the from community to community making
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sure he had what he needs to get it done. >> reporter: now, here's some of the federal response in addition to those 5,000 florida national guard troops and thousands of power linemen to get the lights back on that governor desantis mustered before the storm hit. there's more than 1500 federal personnel on the ground with more than 500 urban search and rescue personnel, of course, that includes the elite fairfax county ponce force, 3 disaster survivor assistance teams deployed to support residents impacted by the hurricane. more than 1.3 million meals, is.6 liters -- 1.6 million liters of water. of course, that storm didn't just impact florida, of course, georgia as well. speaking of linemen, it'll be interesting to see if governor desantis attends the football game in orlando, perhaps a coin toss is in the offing. neil: you know, i'm just curious about the timing of the governor's remarks and not to meet with the president when he did almost a year ago after ian.
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i know that was a more, you know, dangerous storm, but the fact of the matter is he was with the president then. he won't be with him now. any explanation. >> >> reporter: i think the most logical explanation, neil, is we're a lot closer to the 2024 election, and while governor desantis was rumored to be running for president, he is now a declared candidate. look back at some of the disaster politics over the years, who could forget that big handshake between new jersey governor chris christie and barack obama. it's likely the desantis camp just thought this was a no-win situation. if he embraces the president too warmly, he gets attacked. if he's perhaps a too cold and offers the cold shoulder, he gets attacked for that one, neil. neil: amazing. thank you, my friend. lucas tomlinson. want to go to max gorden in cedar key, florida, with how things are going there. mac, what does it look like there? -- max? >> reporter: hey, neil. the cleanup is well underway,
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but as you can see, the damage is extensive. this after a 7-foot storm surge rushed onto the island inundating buildings hike the ones you see behind me. this is the faraway end, and it's not going to to be reopening for some time now. the hurricane actually hit about 60 miles to the northwest of us on florida's big bend, and and you can see images of the damage from space. while there wasn't the same loss of life as during hurricane ian, governor ron desantis confirmed one person died in a vehicle crash during the storm. the damage will also be costly and could hit $20 billion. still, duke energy estimates 95% of customers in some of the hardest hit areas will have power restored by tonight. here on cedar key, clean-up efforts have been moving along. neighbors have been helping one another scrub mud and cart away debris. people i've spoken to say they want to build things back and in this storm hasn't made them want to move away. >> i like it out here where it's nice and quiet, everybody knows
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everybody. cedar key is very, like, a small little family. everybody knows everybody, and when something like this happens, we all come together and just help each other out. you just know there's always going to be support and help there there. >> reporter: president biden, of course, going to be on the ground here in florida later on today surveying the storm damage. this comes as the biden administration requests $4 billion more for fema's disaster fund after multiple disaster dos have hit the united states just in the past year. neil? neil: got it. all right, thank you, max gorden in florida. let's go to scott larson, a tiki bar owner. that thing was almost completely submerged. he joins us now from cedar key as well. scott ask, how are things looking theresome. >> it's a disaster, for sure. but, you know, the community's come together, customers. we probably have 100 people here today helping us clean up, and we're going to need every one of them. neil: you know, the entire town
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looked like it was submerged. i mean, it's looking a little better with right now, but i would imagine just getting it back to the what it was is going to take a while. >> you know, i think it's going to go surprisingly quick. there's so many people here just coming together. all the bar owners, we have a food truck, and everybody's just sharing food and everybody's working. they just want to get us back up and running. luckily, it's the slow season right now. neil: yeah, i bet. let me ask you too about how you handle this. obviously, a lot of restaurants and bars, they're kind of in the same boat, no pun intended here, so you all look after each other. how's that going? >> it's just, when we're done here today, all the people that are going to be here, we're going to move on down and go out and help the other bar owners and restaurants. elderly people here on the island that don't have might be, they can't do it physically themselves, just keep going. everybody here will do that for
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the next couple of weeks, and we'll make a remarkable recovery. neil: there are a lot of people who are newcomers to florida, you probably heard this story a million times, yeah, i like the low taxes, the beautiful weather, but i've also got to deal with stuff like this, and they're rethinking that. what do you tell them. >> >> you know what? many there's disasters happening everywhere. i came from california, so the earthquakes there are pretty carry. doesn't really matter where you are, stuff's going to happen. so they say every hundred years we get a big one, so hopefully it's another hundred years before we get another big one. neil: yeah. hundred years maybe you'll still be in business. scott, thank you very much. best of luck to you today. >> all right. thank you so much. neil: all right, scott larsen, low key hideaway bar in cedar key, florida. we're getting a lot of these kind of stories where people are helping each other. if you want to help, just the red cross reminder here and how we're trying to push in, fox has made a donation to the aye call
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the january -- idalia relief efforts. this allows the red cross to respond immediately to disasters like hurricane idalia, providing safe shelter, hot meals, multiple support resources. here's how you can help, visit the red forward, scan the qr code on your screen, tells you all about it. very simple, very direct. that's exactly what a lot of these floridians need, simple, correct aid. all right, you might need to pack your patience if you packing at all for the -- you're packing at all for the holiday weekend. turns out about half of americans are either driving or knewing. what they're putting up -- or flying. what they're putting up with, what they're putting up with, after this. / get the most out of your projects by getting the most out of our fall savings now. shop labor day deals under $90 now, in store or online. (josh allen) is this your plan to watch the game today? (hero fan) i have to watch my neighbors' nfl sunday ticket.
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neil: what's that old line, pack if your patience if you're traveling weekendsome hasn't been as bad as some feared, but again, there are concerns that some nasty weather toward the end e of the labor day weekend
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could complicate things. jeff flock following that very closely. jeff. >> reporter: well, neil, it's going to be one busy labor day weekend of travel. in fact, to cap a summer that is the busiest air travel summer in u.s. history. but it's going well, that's the headline, i think. that is some of the 20 the million people that will be traveling this labor day holiday at least according to the folks at hopper, and that is ap increase, they tell us, of about 14% from last year, making this, you know, even beating pre-pandemic levels. and largely the the news is good from the department of transportation. the secretary, pete buttigieg, telling reporters that cancellations, you know, they were a real problem last year, 2.6% of all flights canceled last year, now it's down to 1.6% this year. so an improvement there. and delays, he says, yeah, they still have them, but most of them come from the weather as
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they always have. just 2.6% coming from a lack of staff on the part of air traffic controllers. that has been cited with by the airlines and others as a real cause of delays. he a said really it doesn't come down to that. the secretary did, though, admit there is a problem right now with something called near misses or close calls, if you will. airplanes coming too close together out there. a potential safety hazard, certainly. he says they're up, yeah, about 25%. and he says also they don't have a good reason or explanation for it. >> we've seen a noticeable increase in serious close calls, and the only acceptable number of these is zero. the truth is there is no single cause or single issue that explains it. sometimes we have seen issues with pilots, times we have seen issues with controllers, sometimes we've seen an issue with ground crews. >> reporter: neil, i have one more piece of good news for you. if you're traveling like these
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folks right there, well, they're paying less, apparently, this labor day holiday. i don't know if they know it -- [laughter] but according to the folks who keep track of this stuff, $226 is the average fare to be paid for traveling over labor day. that's down, they tell us, about 11%. so one thing that is not being inflated. mr. cavuto. neil: yeah. thank you very much for that, jeff flock following things from o'hare. let's get a reading on what americans are put iing up with -- putting up with, 200 million of us in pretty high temperature problems. and that's a lot of americans, what is it, about two-thirds of us. kiyana lewis, fox weather, has more. >> neil, a hot streak as we head through the holiday itself, we are looking at more than 200 million people that have those temperatures well above average taking us into monday. it is because of this ridge of
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high pressure that's locked into place over the southern tier of the country once again. we've seen it once already, but we're seeing it late into the season, taking us through the first half of september. for areas across the upper midwest, we will see temperatures in the 80s and 90s, but that should kick start a heat wave in place tomorrow and through labor day. temperatures in the triple digits for areas like minneapolis, could break a record there. sioux falls, south dakota, same goes for you. 102 in la crosse, wisconsin, so a lot of warmth that is going to be building in day by day. we look at minneapolis, that heat streak or heat wave continues from today through at least tuesday, and then a shift -- stark dropoff takes us through wednesday is and into thursday with temperatures back into the -- 70s. across the northeast we've been having temperatures fall a little bit below average. not the case as we head boo september, we're looking at another heat wave here as well from detroit, erie, new york
7:17 am
city, temperatures in the 900s as well. some of the places that have the potential to break records, baltimore, triple digits as we head into labor day. 98 for washington, d.c., 96 in philadelphia. new york city even on the board with a potential record-breaking 92 degrees for tomorrow. we typically only see 90s in areas like new york city for september about one on average, but this go around at least for this upcoming week we could see about four chances of temperatures well above average, sitting in the low 90s taking us through this upcoming week. neil? neil: amazing. and yet the farmer's almanac says it's going to be a cold, nasty winter. >> yeah, you know -- neil: not with temperatures like that, come on. >> you have to question it, this year has been astronomical when it comes to records. neil: yeah. you guys are the best at covering it. for those of you who don't is have the fox weather app to help you out with this, you've got to get it. i i'll it really is marvelous. i'm not saying that just because
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i work here, but the fact of the matter is they'll is have a feature, if you're planning a barbecue, sometimes weeks, months in advance, they'll give you a guesstimate how it's going to be that day. i'm not going to hold them to it, because sometimes i cancel the barbecue. but it's awesome, awesome. and it looks at storms not only that are named and known, but those that are, or you know, sort of festering around in the atlantic. apparently there are five unnamed such developments right now in the atlantic. we've got to get this thing because, man, oh, man, does it save you. probably makes you more paranoid, but it does save you. people trying to run away from the heat, they're also trying to run away from higher prices. you can always tuck inside an air-conditioned building for the heat. these higher prices, not so much.
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neil: all right, they called it a goldilocks jobs report, not too hot, not too kohl, just enough to maybe keep the federal reserve at bay when it meets in a couple of weeks to decide whether to raise interest rates again. the consensus seems to be for the moment, no, they're not going to raise rates, at least not at that meeting. alexandria hoff following all of that in washington. >> reporter: hey, neil. the economy is a complicated recipe, what sounds like bad news on the surface, unemployment up, wage growth slowing, is actually what the federal are reserve wants to see hoping that a cooling jobs market can bring down inflation. the latest report shows 1 is 87,000 jobs added last month, more than expected but still low compared to the hot job market earlier this year. unemployment rose to 3.8% from 3.5. >> this jump in unemployment is due byerly to more people coming into the labor market.
7:23 am
i think that's a sign of optimism, of people looking for jobs. >> reporter: the white house continuing to praise bidenomics for what the administration sees as a warding off a u.s. recession. >> as we head into labor day, we ought to take a step back and take note of the fact america's now one of the strongest job-creating periods in our history, in the history of our country. >> reporter: but americans are still feeling the strain of high consumer prices and record high interest rates. republican presidential candidate doug burr bum tweeted: president biden is planning to spend the labor day with union workers in philadelphia. bidenomics at work. and fellow gop presidential hopeful vivek ramaswamy weighed in as well today to. >> the reason why we have a rye sis of national pied is that people aren't proud of a country with we're all not making enough money in that country.
7:24 am
and that's what i'm going to fix with my pro-growth agenda. >> reporter: and according to the commerce board, americans' faith in the economy fell in august, that undoes increases that we'd seen earlier this summer, neil. neil: got it. alexandria, thank you for that. so the president's views is that the trend is our friend, things are looking up. not necessarily showing that americans are buying that or feeling that. republican pollster lee carter, we've also got carly cooperman, democratic pollster. ladies, good to have both of you. carly, do you get concerned when the president talks about this improvement? there's no denying the jobs gains are still there, better to have them than not, but that americans aren't feeling it, and when you keep telling americans we are, we're doing well and they don't feel like they're doing well, that a ticks them off. >> that's right. there is a huge disconnect right
7:25 am
now between how the economy's doing and how voters actually feel about economy. we see that the job growth continues to be strong. unemployment continues to be to below 4%. wages are up and inflation is cooling, but voters don't feel that right now. and as long as they feel like their cost of living is high and the day-to-day struggles continue, it's not going to translate in improvement for biden's ratings. and we see that nearly 7 in 10 say they disapprove of how biden is handling the economy, and his numbers on how he's handling inflation are worse. and while the biden administration is making a concerted effort to speak about the strong economic readings because in the past it's been said that they're not doing enough to communicate the success, as long as voters aren't feeling it in their today to day lives -- in their day-to-day lives, it's going to fall flat, and that's why we're seeing his ratings continue to struggle. neil: it kind of reminds me,
7:26 am
lee, when george h.w. bush running for re-election in 1992 said that fall that we were coming out of what was a recession, and america just didn't buy it. technically, he was right. that fourth quarter ended up being a turn-around quarter, but it was too little, too late to help him. so there's a delicate balance, isn't this? >> there sure is. one of the things that voters want to understand is that the leaders understand their position. one of the most famous lines in an election was i feel your painful but joe biden's saying i don't feel your pain, or your pain is wrong. the economy's never been stronger. but that's not the truth to the rest of the up country. he's focused on some of the wrong thingses. he really focused so much on the strong job growth with. people aren't concerned about jobs, what they're saying is my job isn't enough to keep pace with the price of living right now. the issue isn't jobs, the issue is inflation. the issue is costs. people are very concerned about economic uncertainty and not being able afford things. and so he's just in many ways out of touch.
7:27 am
the problem here is though even though we always say that that it's the economy, stupid, there's a lot of issues outside the economy that are weighing very, very heavily on voters. we saw that in the midterms, and we're probably going to see that again in '24, and that might really benefit joe biden. neil: while i still have you, lee, what do you make of governor desantis not, at least at this point, planning to meet with president biden when he comes to florida right now? is he afraid of a christie moment hearkening back to superstorm sandy and then-governor chris christie deem to be too close to, you know, president obama at the time? what is it? >> well, i think, you know, we say that true leaders are forged in times of crisis, and i think that desantis could really make a misstep if he met with biden. i don't know if that's the right decision the for him. but what he does and does very well in these moments of crazies, he is a leader, he shows his leadership, he shows how prepared he is to bring people together. and so i think what he wants to
7:28 am
do in this moment is really focus on i am the governor that gets things done, i am there for the people, and he wants to focus on that and not get distracted by something that might be a political misstep. i think he could really shine and are -- have a reset in his campaign on issues that that people like desantis on. the fact that he can get things done in times of crisis. you know, he refilled the causeway on sanibel last year in record time. he's able to bring people together, get things done, and this could be a moment, look, if i can do this in florida, look what i can do for the country. i think he needs to focus on that, and it's probably a smart decision for him. neil: carly, i could flip this around to you on this political theme here. many excited that the president's immediate response to what's going on in florida and his tentative, rather delayed, almost callous to some response to the tragedy in maui, and he's trying to make up for that. what do you think? >> i think in times of crisis
7:29 am
people want to see leadership whether it's from the president, from the governor, and so this is an opportunity for president biden to show leadership. it's really important for him to go and respond quickly, to respond decisively to show that empathy and compassion and also, you know, as the leader of the country he's here to help. it's really an opportunity the for him to look good in the terms of his ability to lead the country, and so it is so important for him to be kind of taking advantage of that opportunity in that regard to show that leadership. neil: you know, i don't want to belabor the point, but here i am belaboring the point, lee. i understand where governor desantis is coming are from in the wanting to meet the president, not wanting to have a christie moment, i guess. but last year with hurricane ian which was arguably a much more dangerous storm, he did the. now, you're quite right to say, of course, back then he wasn't
7:30 am
running for president, now he is, but should it really matter? >> it shouldn't really matter. i think, you know, carly makes the point that we do want to see leadership this these moments, and we want to see people coming together. but at the same time, i think he does not want to be distract by what could be a side story about, you know, desantis and biden and the right and the left. rather, what we really need to be doing and focusing on right now is coming together for the people of florida impacted by these terrible storms. and they seem to be coming more and more frequently. governor desantis has done some amazing things in the state of florida on getting -- as far as hurricane preparedness, as far as answering the call when these kinds of things happen, and i think that needs to be the focus right now, not really a photo op between the president and the governor. they need to get to work for the people of florida. neil: very quickly, carly are, our producers will probably kill me here, but i did want to get your thoughts on the president's
7:31 am
intraparty skittishness. a lot of democrats concerned about the age issue. republicans have to worry about that with mitch mcconnell as well. i'm not trying to say it's local toize -- localized to one party, but he did stumble again yesterday in the rose garden with a prescripted speech. so it is reminding americans again and again that he has some issues here. where are you? is this worry among democrats real who? i think biden absolutely has some convincing to do to voters. we're seeing in the polling that democrats are, you know, they have concerns about joe biden. there's not a tremendous amount of enthusiasm towards his candidacy. at the end of the day, as long as he is the presidential candidate, they're going to back him. there is still support within the democratic party. but between, you know, lukewarm readings towards his handling of a lot of large issues as well as some personal doubts they have about him, there are concerns
7:32 am
about this candidacy that he's had more gaffes. neil: we'll watch it closely. ladies, thank you very much, carly and lee. meanwhile, back to our nation's a airports and the skittishness there having nothing to do with delayed flights, heat or any of that and everything to do with pilots. i'll explain and explore after a this. struck out with the cheap seats? important things aren't worth compromising. at farmers, we offer both quality insurance and great savings. (crowd cheers) here, take mine. (farmers mnemonic) psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear.
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neil: all right, this has nothing to do with weather, nothing to do with any mechanical or other problems haunting the airlines, but they've discoveredded that maybe up to 5,000 pilots could be heeding major health -- hiding major health issues. griff jenkins has more from washington. >> reporter: good morning. a shocking report. you said it best early in the show, bring your patience if you're flying the friendly skies, because tsa says 4 million of you are going to try -- 14 million of you are going to try and travel this weekend, and cancellations are down. but this report has given pause to a lot. the faa is investigating, neil, some 4800 pilots suspected of falsifying medical records to conceal reffing -- receiving benefits for mental health disorders and other conditions that could make them unfit to fly. this group represents less than 1% of all certified pilots, and only about 600 of them are licensed the fly passenger airlines, most are military vets who say they are healthy enough
7:37 am
to fly e but do not self-report as required by law. a former representative for the paa tells fox news -- faa, these pilots don't pose a serious flight risk. >> it is the safe because pretty much all the pilots aren't going to put passengers in jeopardy for if they have a serious, life-threatening illness. what we're seeing here is minor things and the pilots don't want to be tied up in the bureaucracy of self-reporting minor things that they know are inconsequential to safe flight. >> reporter: but the report along with a string the of recent near misses that jeff flock was reporting on earlier that could have ended in disaster has led the faa to bring on an aviation safety chief named david bolter who says they're working to resolve all of these 48ing 000 pilots reviewed. so far about 25 the 00 of the cases have been closed.
7:38 am
one final thing we're watching, neil, is american airlines' flight attendants voted this week, on wednesday actually, to authorize a strike over pay negotiations although a walkout appears unlikely so far at this point. we'll see where it goes. neil? neil: you've got it, my friend. see you in about 90 minutes on your fine show. griff jenkins. so is this an issue or not? let's go to dannel well, former -- dan elwell, a pie -- pilot himself. a lot of people are going to be nervous. >> i think the first thing your viewers need to know, and it's the great to talk to you again, it's been a while. i think the most important thing for viewers to know is safety is not compromised in the situation, in my opinion. i think the traveling public has nothing to wore aabout -- wore arely about, and i think that the faa has a handle on this unique situation.
7:39 am
neil: so if there are up to 5,000 pilots who might have a condition or a medical issue, how do we know? even if it's arguing, you know, it might be minor stuff, i get that, but it might be very serious stuff. should we know that kind of stuff? >> well, pilots are obligated to report anything that might impact their fitness and their ability to fly. that's always been on them. in this instance what we have is a number of former military folks who have disabilities, level of disabilities that does require pilot to report when it takes a medical exam or flight physical exam. and what's happened is they've cross-referenced databases and found that a number of those pilots did not report. but keep in mind we're talking about a very small number of
7:40 am
what we call part 121 commercial airline pilots, a very small number. and i agree with your previous, your previous guest that there's very little nefarious activity going on with this. it's, i think, more it's oversight and it's a case of the issues that might be called worthy of disability on the military side is not necessarily going to make a pilot unable to fly because it's different criteria. and the f ark a's working -- fa a a's working hard. they have put through 2500 of these cases to look at, and there's been very few airline pilots caught up in this. neil: you know, you might be right, i'll defer to your experience and excellence, dan. but there is a different kind of a standard for pilots, i guess, than a schmo like me who reads a
7:41 am
teleprompter. so you could understand americans being leery of that. and i know pilots are human beings. we just had one not too long ago that went into card cardiac arrest and later died on a jet a couple of weeks back. so that happens, i get that. but if you have cancer or you have a serious disease that's requiring aggressive treatment the, should that be known and does that, you know, mean that you can't fly when you're going through something like that? >> yeah, of course if you have a condition that makes you unfit to fly, it is the obligation, the legal obligation of the pilot to announce that and to self-report both to his flight doc and to, of course, his personal doctor. and unfortunately, there are times when an individual does not actually know that a condition makes them unfit to fly until they have that consultation. the issue at hand is whether there are any active airline pilots who are deliberately
7:42 am
hiding manager that makes them -- something that makes them unfit to fly, and i don't think that that is something that is anywhere near prevalent or anywhere near the level that should alarm or concern the flying public. neil: but pie9 lots by nature -- pilots by nature, every year they have these annual tests. that would come up and their bosses would know, right in. >> captains, they actually get a class one physical every six months. neil: oh, wow. >> is so there is -- yeah, pilots would tell you the scrutiny on their health, both their own personal scrutiny and the scrutiny that flight me sin has on pilots who are in charge with flying passengers and cargo around country, it is strenuous, and it is necessary. whether -- i don't think that we need to report a pilot's are
7:43 am
individual health rating, but certainly public should be confident that there are a combination of databases that need to be looked at and are currently being looked at by the faa. neil: got it. all right, dan, we'll see how this sorts out. very good seeing you again. dan elwell. >> likewise. neil: meanwhile, rolling stone called him romantic pirate extraordinaire. jimmy buffett, margaritaville, he's dead at age 76. looking back at that life, his music and his zeal after this. ♪ that frozen concoction that helps me hang on, hang on, hang on. ♪ wasting away again in margaritaville ♪ and while you're hittin' the trail,
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neil: jimmy buffett is gone. he died. a lot of people are saying this iconic figure, that romantic poet-pirate that so many had come to love over the years, and one song, margaritaville, that sort of united a nation of fans of all types, dead at 76. maryann rafferty has more. >> reporter: overnight a message was posted on jimmy buffett's social media pages saying, quote: jimmy passed away peacefully on the night of september 1st surrounded by his family, friends, music and dogs. he will lived his life like a song til the very last are breath and will be missed beyond measure by so many. buffett was a two-time grammy nominee reporting more than 50 albums, most of them going gold, platinum for multiplatinum. he's best known for it's 5:00 somewhere, cheeseburger in paradise and margaritaville, to name a few. ♪ -- frozen concoction that helps me hang on, hang on, hang
7:48 am
on! ♪ wasting away again in margaritaville ♪ >> reporter: buffett turned the beach lifestyle into a billion dollar business empire known for his chain of margaritaville restaurants, land shark beer and an apparel line and more. his death comes just months after he was hospitalized for an unspecified medical issue. the exact cause of his death has not been released. jimmy buffett leaves behind his wife who he's been married to since 1977 and his three children plus a legion of fans known as parrotheads. buffett's 50 plus year long legacy will live on forever through his music. neil: thank you for that. just a point of perspective, i'm always fascinated by what a lot of these world famous musicians and iconic figures do with their money. he sold everything from casinos and resorts and hotels to
7:49 am
tequila, enough to build a half billion dollar net worth. not bad for a guy who said his teachers used to say you'll amount to nothing, young man. i think he proved them wrong. jimmy buffett dead at 76. ♪ wasting away again in ♪ i'm searching for -- the ♪ it's the best part about this land. ♪ and to those of you who hear the call - answer. ♪ come in to bass pros shops and cabela's for great gear before your fall hunt. your adventure starts here.
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neil: all right, if all that india's been doing in the space race, they're winning it hands down. this latest incarnation, they landed on the moon, imitating what we did, but this lunar
7:53 am
rover is getting all sorts of information from a region of the moon that's captivating the world and could be the basis by which to establish sort of, like, a space station, a launching point to go into the planets. and now word that early this morning india's launched a mission to observe the sun after that successful moon landing, and somehow they're able to do this at a cost of what china, the u.s. and russia did. that lunar mission from start to finish, $24 million compared to billions being spent by so-called space superpowers. clayton anderson, former astronaut, what he makes of all of this. clayton, always good to have you. the more the merrier, there are more and india is expadding rather aggressively here, but, you know -- [laughter] i don't want to say a sindh rell that are story the, but out of nowhere they are a major player. what do you make of them? >> hey, space is cool again, neil, and it's great to talk to you again as well.
7:54 am
neil: same here. >> i think it's really wonderful that this that we have so many players that are out there exploring the cosmos with us, and it's very important that we have that, right? for every other group that goes out and does some kind of exploration, we have a better shot at learning something new. neil: now, india had been doing something open to partnerships with others. we understand china is not, china wants to be doing whatever it's doing on the moon and on the far side of the moon solo and without much, you know, attention to the details of where they are or what they're up to. but what do you make of that and the different approach, different countries are taking? i wouldn't call it a race, but this busy activity. >> well, i think it's important to realize that i believe we should be partnering with china on their space station and our space station. i get that they're a communist nation, but as i said before on your program, i think if we work together with them in space, the
7:55 am
odds of us having problems on the ground are lessened. but they're going to play it close to the vest, right? hay want to be who they want to be. but i think the future model for people exploring space is going to be we're going to have to do it internationally, collaboratively, together because it's just so expensive and difficult. if. neil: clayton, what is the allure are of the south pole on the moon? just refresh me. a lot of people are saying, hey, the u.s., been there, done that, why are we doing this all over again? that does seem to be a particular draw. why? >> the idea is that there's water-ice there, in these craters shielded from sunlight because the rim of the crater blocks the ability of the sunlight at the south pole of the moon to get down in there, that we believe there's water ice that we can actually the do something with. the key though is going to be the infrastructure required to actually pull that water ice out and use it for something important. so that's the allure these days
7:56 am
of the south pole of the moon. neil: i guess we're going to have this artemis test flight pretty soon -- it could be months away, crew's set and ready for that. that will be a big test the for us, eventually for interplanetary travel? >> yeah. i think that a we're just recreating what we the did in the '70s to a certain degree. we know allowed to do it, we know how to get to the moon, we know how to go around back side of the moon, but now we can do it with new technology, different computers, faster computers, and so we have the ability, i think, to do more and to do it better than we did back in the '70s. so it's an exciting time for nasa astronauts that are going to be part of that artemis program, and i can't wait to see what happens. i think it's supposed to be april of 2024, perhaps. neil: got it. we've got to get you out of retirement, clayton, help out with this. we need our heroes all together on. [laughter] >> i'm happy to, sir.
7:57 am
i'm happy to. neil: there we go. there we go. he would be good. clayton the anderson, former nasa anderson. when we come back, the an update about the trouble with migrants not at the border, almost everywhere else. after this. it's easy to get lost in investment research. introducing j.p. morgan personal advisors. hey david. connect with an advisor to create your personalized plan. ... lowe's knows that fall's shorter days call for bigger deals. get the most out of your projects by getting the most out of our fall savings now. shop labor day deals under $90 now, in store or online.
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(vo) in two seconds, eric will realize (man) [laughs] (vo) they're gonna need more space... gotta sell the house. (vo) houses or, skip the hassles and sell with confidence to opendoor. wow. (vo) request a cash offer at opendoor dot com >> all right. we are getting word that the president has, in fact, arrived in florida right now. he is going to be touring damaged areas. we don't know where specifically-- oh, he has not left the white house. o oh, i apologize the confusion. he's going to be leaving the white house and go to florida. one thing to stress he's not going to meet with governor ron desantis when he tours


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